Woman Crush of the Week: Michelle Dechavez

On Wednesdays we wear pink 💖 This week’s #WomanCrushWednesday features #supermum Michelle, pictured here in our pink Idalia dress ✨

Michelle is one of the most contagiously carefree & outgoing people you will ever meet. Besides her infectious laugh, you’ll know when she’s around because she can turn even the deepest, grumpiest, crabbiest frown upside down! With her nature & sense of humour, you wouldn’t think she’d have 2 bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree under her belt. But another thing you’d find difficult to reconcile with her bright personality is the fact that she’s a widow.

In 2011, Michelle married Kitz after 11 years of friendship. They had such a fun-filled relationship that after the wedding, they actually walked away from church with Michelle carrying Kitz in her arms! A year later, their son was conceived, and she and her husband were naturally very excited. A few months passed, and Kitz was rushed to the hospital due to an alarming upsurge in his body temperature. After undergoing intensive tests, results revealed he had Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML)—which is a cancer of the bone marrow.

Michelle remained optimistic throughout Kitz’s 5 rounds of chemo, 3 induction regimens, and consolidation therapy. Besides financial support from their families, funds and all sorts of support came in from thousands of people all over the globe. Even strangers made contributions & reached out via social media as their friends were very active in their fund-raising efforts.

In April 2013, Michelle gave birth to their beautiful baby boy, Elijah. Eli brought so much joy to the family. Kitz was able to hold him & care for him until Kitz passed away in October 2013. Needless to say, it was tough for Michelle but with a solid support system, she stayed strong for her son and went on to channel her focus on her Master’s Degree in Health Information Management.

Today, she’s established herself as a Health Information Manager in the Mental Health Division. And as she watches Eli grow, she cherishes the uncanny similarities her son bears to his father.

Michelle describes herself as a badass widow, but to most people, she’s a badass inspiration and a living reminder that you are strong enough to overcome extreme challenges or tragedy ❤️

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