Woman Crush of the Week: Lareina Rajah

Yes, we know. She’s Princess Jasmine’s doppelganger, except she’s much more badass and inspiring! For this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday, we’re putting the spotlight on Lareina Rajah —pictured here in our teal Calinda dress.

After working as a Singapore Airlines flight attendant for nearly 5 years, she put herself through her MBA at Deakin University whilst working 2 jobs in hospitality. In July 2016, just as she was about to sign her employment contract with Deakin, things took a drastic turn as she was diagnosed with cancer of the lymph nodes, otherwise known as Lymphoma. For 8 months, she bravely battled cancer by undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, and fertility treatment in Singapore—all whilst being away from her partner who was based in Melbourne.

In January 2017, she came out on top as she conquered cancer’s ass and was cleared to move back to Melbourne. Later that year, she got engaged to the love of her life and has since been happily working in education.

To say Lareina is a strong woman would be an understatement. But just like her, we aim to empower all sorts of women and people—especially when times seem tougher than usual. So chin up, buttercup, because life is tough, but so are you! 👊🏻💪🏽🙌🏿

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