Woman Crush of the Week: Jenna Barclay

Started from the bottom now we’re here. That’s exactly what you’ll think when you get to know Jenna, our pick for this week’s #WomanCrushWednesday, pictured wearing our light grey Idalia dress available starting today.

Jenna arrived in Melbourne as a backpacker in 2010. She fell in love with Australia and wanted to stay, so she applied for admin jobs similar to her previous one in Canada, but to no avail. She then decided to take 2 cleaning jobs in a bar and in a hostel at the same time, just to be able to provide for her basic needs.

Eventually Jenna got a job in a hospital, which she juggled with work as a bar hostess. She later saved just enough to send herself to uni to pursue a double degree in Health Sciences. She would split her days between hospital work and uni, then spend nights working at the bar, where she would take out her book and lamp light to study whenever she had any idle time.

In 2017, Jenna finally graduated with a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Master of Health Information Management. Today, she works as a Health Information Manager and is recognized for her contributions to companies such as ANZJOG and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute.

After 8 years of hustling, Jenna reckons her life’s come full circle. But if you ask us, this is just the beginning, as we’re sure we won’t be the last to share the story of how she became the inspiring badass she is today 😎

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