about us

Ever found yourself with a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear for a single occasion?

Because we have. And that’s why we decided to start Kroo Crew. So we could have outfits that could be worn to just about anywhere.

The versatility of the little black dress, incorporated with playful silhouettes and colour options

We want to provide you ladies with versatile options you can wear from work to play, and night or day. Our aesthetic is classic combined with modern accents and our trademark is being able to flatter diverse body types.

Ethically produced in the Thailand

Together with our clothing technologist, we handpick all of our materials and form close relationships with our suppliers to ensure three very important things…

Our three promises as a
responsible clothing brand

First, that we purchase the precise amount of fabrics, buttons, zippers, and threads to avoid any wastage.

Second, that our suppliers operate under fair & ethical working conditions—employees receive competitive wages; working hours are regulated; hazard inspections are frequently observed; health & safety are prioritised.

And third, that our close relationships with our suppliers result to high quality garments that will definitely last long and keep our customers happy.